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Annabelle wants a pet

Annabelle was telling me she wants a pet. I sort of expect this to happen at some point but never…

A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.

– So true

 I have 

what I have 

and I am happy

I’ve lost 

what I’ve lost

and I am still happy 

- Rupi Kaur (Milk and honey)

– So apt for me

My brain works in a way it remembers good, happy and positive things and events and don’t register for long for negative stuff. That made me easily forgot how people tricks me and I will be nice to people over and over again that it hurts at some point. 

Today is the day I want to remember. To be strongest ever, and to find a way out from all these. My world wouldn’t be all negative from now on but it will never be the same. 

People who only take opportunity of me shall not deserve any kindness from me. Never ever. W

People who never appreciate shall not get too much of my attention. M

People who always have agenda at the back of the head should avoid getting too close. P

Be nice only to who deserves.

– A day to remember
Look back 2016

Look back 2016

I have never make resolution to kick start a new year so it was the same on 2016.  It is…
Happy holidays

Happy holidays

Flying off with kids tomorrow for 10 days holiday. It's going to be fun and tiring at the same time. …

Annabelle says

Daddy is out and I am driving both kids, one to auntie's house and one to school.  Me: Annabelle, we…

Damn coxsakie

It is the time of the year where coxsakie is outspread. I shall remind myself to refrain kids from public…
Alexander is two

Alexander is two

This little guy practices so much singing birthday song and blow candle and now he is officially two.  This little…
This little guy

This little guy

This little is definitely doing better in terms of speech. We are able to have conversations.  One day when dropping…
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