Annabelle says

Daddy is out and I am driving both kids, one to auntie's house and one to school.  Me: Annabelle, we…

Damn coxsakie

It is the time of the year where coxsakie is outspread. I shall remind myself to refrain kids from public…
Alexander is two

Alexander is two

This little guy practices so much singing birthday song and blow candle and now he is officially two.  This little…
This little guy

This little guy

This little is definitely doing better in terms of speech. We are able to have conversations.  One day when dropping…

This is one of the scenario I can recognize so clearly. 

Mum got admitted

Joke about charge some bills to ward number

Ask sister to buy new birky. 

Oh my god. 

– Deja vu 

Cannot believe how amazing it feels to have uninterrupted sleep and how refresh it is waking up after a complete rest. 

– Rise and shine. 

Life has been less chaos because I didn’t mess around. 

I learned to put no expectation and do things on my own. 

No expectation means no disappointment. 

Time to treat myself better. 

I have a BFF

I have a BFF

Annabelle says: My mummy is my best friend.  Awww... Not sure where she learned that from but definitely filled my…

My happiness is always from people around me. 

When can I be more self centered and don’t care about people around me?



On the way to watch Angry birds movie. Took a photo on front camera since I dressed up and put…
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